“With Truvy™ I found a product that actually worked for me. It’s one of a kind. Within days, and I have people within hours, start making money right away. You can’t do that with any other kind of business. It’s a no brainer.”
— Ryan Higgins

The Best Direct Selling Company

Are you ready to take your love of health and wellness to the next level? Take the leap and become a Truvy™ Associate today. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or just want to maintain your overall health, Truvy™ is the place for you. You can create your own personal business with Truvy™ by helping to change people’s lives with some of the best nutrition and weight management products available today. Take the initiative and become a Truvy™ Associate today. Keep reading to learn more about why Truvy™ is the best direct selling company in the industry.

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Run a Business From Your Home

Our compensation plan is designed to help Associates earn back their initial investments quickly. Truvy™ also offers a Matching Bonus of 10 percent on all personally enrolled Associates who generate a unilevel commission check. Many popular direct selling companies only provide this bonus for their highest ranks. At Truvy™, we start the matching bonus from day one.

Own Your Own Business

The Truvy™ culture was designed to offer you an opportunity to be your own boss and to build a business your way. Make your own schedule, work from anywhere and whenever you want. Sounds like a dream right? It doesn’t have to be. Your customers can purchase online making both your life and their lives better and easier with a few simple clicks. Becoming a Truvy™ Associate allows you allows you the ability to balance your career and family life – it’s YOUR business.

Have Time for What Matters

Becoming a Truvy™ Associate gives you the flexibility you need to adapt to life’s changes easier than ever before. You’ll have the freedom to run your business the way you want, while enjoying the flexibility to work from the comfort of your home or wherever life takes you.

Why Become a Truvy™ Associate?

Are you still wondering why Truvy™ is the best direct selling company in the industry? We’ll tell you. As an Associate, you’ll be joining a community of other like-minded individuals who all want the best for each other. Truvy™ Associates are driven entrepreneurs who enjoy building their careers, creating life-long relationships with new friends and sharing a positive message of health and wellness with others.

Truvy™ Associates grown and become more confident, empowered individuals. By helping to change the lives of others through our health and weight management products they are positively impacting their own lives as well. Are you convinced now? We hope so and are excited for you to join us on your new journey.



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